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prima:No consensus: the permit dilemma persists in Puerto Rico

Although there are adjustments to the current model on the horizon, differences prevail among different stakeholders

December 5, 2022 - 2:36 PM

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Junio -11- 2008 - San Juan P.R. -- vista aerea de santurce (parcial) parte de san juan (area mtropolitana). (Xavier J. Araujo / El Nuevo Dia / 2008). santucre, area metropolitana, poblacion, capital (xavier.araujo@gfrmedia.com)

While the Planning Board begins with public hearings to evaluate a new Joint Permit Regulation, next January, the Legislative Assembly will havethe possibility of reforming - to some degree - the controversial Puerto Rico Permit Process Act- 2009 (Act 161). The implementation of Act 161 has generated, from the beginning, criticism from various sectors of society.

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